Management Training: 10 Minutes at a Time

  • Do you want video management courses that teach managers the proven, practical skills and techniques for motivating their staff to high performance – in 10 minute sessions?
  • Do you want totally flexible video management courses that you can either; access remotely (today!), quickly and easily integrate into your intranet system or use in DVD format?
  • Do you want high quality, proven, practical management training for a fraction of the cost of traditional training programmes?

Management Training: Who’s got the time?

It’s hard to find the time, and money, for management training. But do the managers and team leaders in your business have the skills, tools and techniques they need to motivate their staff to high performance? This great selection of management training videos and workbooks will deliver the essential management skills needed for success

With the 10 Minute Management Toolkit Video Training you can have:

Fast, on demand management training so that

  • New managers can start their management training on day one
  • More experienced managers can get access to new tools and techniques exactly when they need them
  • Managers at remote locations can get the management training they want and need

Flexibilty, so that;

  • Managers can access the training when they want, at the pace they want, as often as they want – and without leaving their desk!
  • You can incorporate the videos into your intranet system, access them online or in DVD format
  • You can use the training videos as a ‘stand alone’ resource or as part of your blended learning solution

Huge cost savings on;

  • Training costs – you can provide high quality management training for as little as £15 per delegate (or, with our high volume discounts, much less)
  • Attending training programmes – managers can use the videos at their desk with minimum disruption to their working day and with no travelling costs
  • Training design and delivery



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