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Management Skills: Do Managers Know What Their Staff Really Want?

Why are the management skills of knowing what the staff in our organisation really want so important? Why would the managers in our business need to even care? Well, quite simply, because when managers meet the needs of their staff – their job satisfaction needs – then they motivate those staff to high performance. It’sContinue Reading

Management Skills: What (more) do our staff members want?

  One of the most valuable management skills we can have is the aptitude for understanding what our staff want and need in their working lives. In my blog ‘Management Skills: What do our staff members want?’ I looked at how the management skills of clarity, honest feedback and respect can have a hugely positiveContinue Reading

Management Skills: What do our staff members really want?

  I guess it’s obvious that one of the key management skills is having the ability to understand what our staff want and (when possible!) then giving them what they want. Why? Well simply because when the staff in our business or organisation get what they want and need (what satisfies them) then they areContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: 10 Minute Management Techniques

So many managers I meet want to improve their performance appraisal meetings. But so many of those managers are short of time. So,what can managers can do – in just 10 minutes – that can make a real difference to their effectiveness in preparing for and undertaking a performance appraisal meeting? Here are three ’10 minute management techniques’Continue Reading

Performance Management: The ‘what’ and the ‘how’

Are the managers in your organisation focusing all of their time and attention on the ‘what’ part of performance management – the numbers? Do they set performance objectives for producing the right amount of work on time, meeting a deadline, achieving the % increase in sales or the $/£ of savings and so on? AreContinue Reading

Monitoring Performance: What’s the Point?

The Point of Monitoring Performance against Objectives Imagine this: It’s your performance appraisal meeting. As you enter the room you find your manager frantically scrabbling in her drawer trying to find copies of the performance objectives you last agreed – 12 months ago. She finds the objectives, blows off the dust and you both stareContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: Making Employee Performance Ratings Work

Are the managers in your organisation required, as part of performance appraisal, to evaluate employee performance against a rating system? Do those managers find evaluating and rating employee performance a challenge? I’ve trained and coached hundreds of managers in how to make their performance appraisal system work, and one of the most challenging aspects forContinue Reading

Writing Performance Appraisal Forms

Do the managers in your business struggle with writing performance appraisal forms? Are they often stuck for something to say? Do they find themselves writing the same (sometime pretty meaningless) comments again and again? Of all the list of things that annoy, frustrate and irritate the managers I work with about performance appraisal, what toContinue Reading

Motivational Performance Review Meetings: A 3 Step Plan

Performance Review: A Box Ticking Exercise? Do the people in your business find the performance review meeting something of a box ticking exercise? Do the managers in your business know how to make the performance review meeting motivational for the staff member? Many of the managers, team leaders and supervisors I know struggle with howContinue Reading

Performance Management: Are Managers Making the Wrong Assumptions?

Performance Management and Interesting Assumptions When I work with managers I often hear an assumption they make which is that people don’t actually like ‘being managed’ and, more specifically, that people don’t want to work with a manager who actively engages with performance management. Some of the managers I’ve worked with have put it likeContinue Reading