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Managing People: It’s Not About You (Mostly!)

One of the biggest challenges I had when I began my career managing people was controlling my ego. I really struggled with getting to grips with the idea that the whole management role wasn’t all about me; my skills, my attitude, my performance and, most importantly, what my employees thought about me I particularly hadContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: Why Do Employees Want So Much Praise?

Do the employees in your business want more praise? Do they complain they don’t get enough praise in their performance appraisals? Why do some employees want so much praise? I’ve just returned from presenting to a conference of Health Practitioners on performance appraisal and giving feedback to improve employee performance. One of the delegates askedContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: How to Share (not Give) Performance Feedback

Many managers ask how they can make their performance appraisal meetings ‘more collaborative’ or ‘more of a two way conversation’. One of the most effective ways, in my view, is to ‘share’ rather than ‘give’ performance feedback OK, but what does ‘share’ actually mean here? It means that we approach the performance feedback part ofContinue Reading

Employee Engagement: How to Encourage Innovation

Employee Engagement and Innovation In an excellent report on employee engagement by Engage for Success called ‘Employee Engagement – The Evidence’ they talk about the connection between employee engagement and innovation. They say Organisations are likely to increase engagement levels and workforce commitment when they actively encourage employees to innovate, improve methods, research solutions andContinue Reading

Is Your Performance Feedback More Candied than Candid?

Is the performance feedback given in your business more ’candied’ than ‘candid?’ Some years ago I came to the end of, what I had thought, was a pretty good performance feedback session with one of my staff. I asked the staff member what he had thought of the session. He said It was OK, butContinue Reading

Improving Employee Performance Feedback

  In an excellent piece of research by Leadership IQ ‘Employees Are Desperate for Feedback’ they highlight a significant issue about the quality of performance feedback that employees are getting. They say • 53% of employees who said their boss gave them praise for excellent performance said the feedback did not give them enough usefulContinue Reading

Management Style: Are You Wandering Around Enough?

Are you, or the managers in your business, using the MBWA management style enough? Have you any idea what I mean? MBWA (Management By Wandering Around or, in some versions, Management By Walking About) is a management style that’s been around for decades It was first developed as a way of encouraging managers to getContinue Reading

9 Essential Performance Management Techniques

There are many performance management techniques you can use to manage your staff. But which are the best? Here are the 9 techniques that – in terms of improving staff performance and satisfaction – I think are absolutely essential: Performance Management Technique #1. Get crystal clear on what you want from your staff It’s vitalContinue Reading

Monitoring Performance: How to put together a Monitoring Plan

Are the managers in your organisation confident in monitoring performance? Do they know how to ensure that they can measure their staff’s performance (because we know that performance objectives ‘with effective measures’ really improve results)? In my blog post ‘How to Monitor Staff Performance Against Performance Objectives’ I outlined how managers could identify the mostContinue Reading

How to Monitor Staff Performance against Performance Objectives

Research tells us that clear objectives ‘with effective measures’ can improve staff performance by over 30%. It’s difficult for managers to have ‘effective measures’ in place unless they monitor staff performance against the objectives So how can managers monitor staff performance? Here are some ideas The start point for managers is to identify a rangeContinue Reading