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Performance Feedback: Examples of How to Give Criticism

In my blog ‘Improving Employee Performance Feedback’ I talked about a very neat technique for giving negative performance feedback (criticism) called ARC. Before I go on to give you some examples of how to give criticism, here’s a quick review of the model: Performance Feedback: Giving Criticism using ARC Action: what, specifically the employee isContinue Reading

3 Tips for Preventing Employee Performance Problems

Dealing with employee performance problems is one of the most difficult  tasks a manager has to undertake. Let’s be honest – nobody really wants to have a conversation with their staff member on the lines of ‘ I need to talk to you about a problem with your performance’. The good news is that many managersContinue Reading

Performance Feedback: My staff member is boring! What can I do?

Performance Feedback: A Classic Problem Have you ever had a situation like this. A manager comes to you to complain about one of their staff members. They say something like ‘he’s just not committed enough’ or ‘she’s lacking in confidence’ or ‘he’s really arrogant’? And then have they asked you to give them some helpContinue Reading

Performance Feedback: How to give constructive criticism

Most managers, in my experience, don’t find it too difficult to give negative performance feedback (criticism) on the quantifiable element of their staff member’s performance. They don’t find it too difficult to say something like ‘We agreed you would produce 30 units a day. This record shows you’re producing 20. Can you agree there’s aContinue Reading

How to Improve Employee Performance – Using the 10 Minute Management Toolkit

How to improve employee performance One of the most challenging, but vital, aspects of a manager’s job is giving positive criticism that improves employee performance. In the letter below a client describes how she stepped up to that challenge (and got a great bonus result!) by using the 10 Minute Management Toolkit DVD ‘Motivating YourContinue Reading