Management Courses: The Challenge of Cultural Differences

Here’s a question: can management courses developed in the UK (or any part of the Western World I guess) be useful in training managers who live and work and who are nationals of a country with very different cultural norms and values? Some time ago I was contacted by Laura, Country Director of an InternationalContinue Reading

A Sample Management Training Course (Using the 10MMT)

In my blog ‘Using videos in your in-house management courses‘ I talk about how to use videos as a series of short, focused management training workshops. I was recently asked by a client to provide an example of how this might work. No problem! Here’s a (very) simple design for a series of workshops usingContinue Reading

Performance Feedback: Examples of How to Give Criticism

In my blog ‘Improving Employee Performance Feedback’ I talked about a very neat technique for giving negative performance feedback (criticism) called ARC. Before I go on to give you some examples of how to give criticism, here’s a quick review of the model: Performance Feedback: Giving Criticism using ARC Action: what, specifically the employee isContinue Reading

Motivational Performance Appraisal Meetings

Could the managers in your organisation use some help in making their performance appraisal meetings more motivational? Do they want to learn how to carry out appraisal meetings that improve their staff’s performance and job satisfaction? Could they use a step-by-step approach they can ‘cut and paste’ and use TODAY to take their next appraisalContinue Reading

Management Skills: How to Monitor Employee Performance

Could the managers in your organisation use some help in learning how to monitor employee performance? You will know that research tells us that clear objectives with effective measures can improve employee performance by over 30%. You probably also know that monitoring employee performance is the most effective way to measure that performance. But doContinue Reading

Management Skills: How to Delegate

Do the managers in your business need to learn how to delegate? Do they need a step-by-step guide to effective delegation (and a guide they can read in just 10 minutes!)? If they do, then why not take a look at my new kindle book Learn in Just 10 Minutes … How to Delegate. AContinue Reading

Managing People: It’s Not About You (Mostly!)

One of the biggest challenges I had when I began my career managing people was controlling my ego. I really struggled with getting to grips with the idea that the whole management role wasn’t all about me; my skills, my attitude, my performance and, most importantly, what my employees thought about me I particularly hadContinue Reading

Scientific Management (what an old model can still teach us today)

What do you think is the objective of management? What do the managers in your business think? What does management contribute to your business or organisation and to your employees? Take a look at this quote: The principal object of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for the employer, coupled with the maximumContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: Why Do Employees Want So Much Praise?

Do the employees in your business want more praise? Do they complain they don’t get enough praise in their performance appraisals? Why do some employees want so much praise? I’ve just returned from presenting to a conference of Health Practitioners on performance appraisal and giving feedback to improve employee performance. One of the delegates askedContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: How to Share (not Give) Performance Feedback

Many managers ask how they can make their performance appraisal meetings ‘more collaborative’ or ‘more of a two way conversation’. One of the most effective ways, in my view, is to ‘share’ rather than ‘give’ performance feedback OK, but what does ‘share’ actually mean here? It means that we approach the performance feedback part ofContinue Reading