Motivational Performance Appraisal Meetings

performance appraisalCould the managers in your organisation use some help in making their performance appraisal meetings more motivational?

Do they want to learn how to carry out appraisal meetings that improve their staff’s performance and job satisfaction?

Could they use a step-by-step approach they can ‘cut and paste’ and use TODAY to take their next appraisal meeting from mundane to motivational?

Yes? Then you might want to check out my new kindle book:

Learn in Just 10 Minutes… How to Run Motivational Performance Appraisal Meetings

This book is for managers who want a proven step-by-step guide to carrying out motivational appraisal meetings – and who only have 10 minutes to read it!

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There are only 9 steps to motivational performance appraisal meetings and in this book I show managers how to do each of them. Managers will learn how to:

1. Plan the logistics of the meeting with a ‘10 point check list’

2. Create a motivational meeting agenda

3. Prepare for the meeting: Using the ‘6 point plan for perfect preparation’

4. Help their staff members prepare for the meeting: with a cut and paste ‘Staff Members Appraisal Meeting Preparation Checklist’

5. Use the Four Top Techniques for taking appraisal meetings from mundane to motivational

6. Share (not give) performance feedback

7. Discuss development needs

8. Talk about job satisfaction

9. Close the meeting with a bang (not a whimper!)

What does ‘motivational’ performance appraisal meetings mean?

Most managers have to undertake performance appraisal or review meetings. Many people – managers and staff – would rather be doing almost anything else! Why? Because for most people there is nothing motivational about the meeting (ever ‘box ticked’ your way through an appraisal meeting? – I have and it’s a waste of time).

Luckily I discovered that by taking some simple steps I could use the appraisal meeting to motivate my staff to improve their performance and job satisfaction. I learnt how to prepare for the meeting and (more importantly) how to help my staff prepare so that we could have a collaborative, two-way, adult-to-adult conversation that really made a difference

In this book I show, in just 10 minutes, how managers can do the same.

Is it time for the managers in your business to learn some new techniques for making their performance appraisal meetings more motivational?

Yes? For the price of a cup of coffee (and the time it takes to drink it!) managers could get started on learning how to TODAY by clicking for Amazon US HERE and Amazon UK HERE


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