Motivational Performance Review Meetings: A 3 Step Plan

performance reviewPerformance Review: A Box Ticking Exercise?

Do the people in your business find the performance review meeting something of a box ticking exercise? Do the managers in your business know how to make the performance review meeting motivational for the staff member?

Many of the managers, team leaders and supervisors I know struggle with how to ensure that the performance review meetings they undertake are motivational for their staff. Here’s an approach you could share with them – crafting the meeting agenda to ensure that the staff member’s motivational needs are met. Here’s how

Performance Review Step 1. What would motivate you?

A start point is for the manager to put themselves in the shoes of the staff member and then answer the question:

‘What would need to happen for me to find a performance review meeting with my manager really motivational?’

The assumption here is that most of us will have similar motivational needs in relation to a performance review meeting and that what motivates the manager will probably motivate their staff member

I’ve asked the same question of many managers (and staff members). Here are some of their answers

For a performance review meeting to be motivational it needs to be:

• A fair and objective review

• A two-way discussion

• When my viewpoint is listened to and valued

• Not just about performance – it’s about my development and job satisfaction

• A chance to review my objectives

• Resulting in a clear plan of action

Performance Review Step 2. Consider the staff member’s motivation needs

Here the manager uses their knowledge of the staff member to tailor the review meeting towards their specific needs. For example, does the manager know that this particular staff member wants and needs to hear a significant amount of praise? Or do they like to spend time exploring their career development options? Or do they prefer to focus on reviewing objectives?

A very neat way to gain this level of understanding is, as part of the pre meeting preparation, for the manager to ask their staff member the question ‘What will need to happen for you to find the performance review meeting we are planning really motivational?’ (Read more on how to help staff members prepare for the review meeting here)

Performance Review Step 3. Design the meeting agenda to meet the staff member’s motivational needs

Here’s an example agenda

Performance Review Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome

2. Review of performance against objectives

3. Review performance objectives and agree any new objectives

4. Discuss and agree development plans

5. Discuss job satisfaction

6. Review and summarise the meeting and agree the next steps

(Get more tips on how to hold an effective performance appraisal or review meeting in this short video ‘5 Top Tips for a Motivational Performance Appraisal / Review Meeting’ )

Performance Review Meeting Summary

The manager will, of course, also need to ensure that in the meeting their review of performance is fair and objective and that the staff member is fully involved and listened to. The key point is for the manager to remember to incorporate into their performance review meeting agenda some time and space for focusing on the staff member’s specific motivational needs

Do the managers in your business need help in making their performance review or appraisal meeting motivational? In my video ‘Motivating Your Staff by Monitoring and Reviewing Performance’ I teach managers how to; identify a range of monitoring methods that are easy to apply and effective, use a planned (and unplanned) approach to monitoring, how to prepare effectively for a performance review / appraisal meeting and how to run the meeting in a way that the staff member finds highly motivational. Take a look at the video details and find out how to watch a preview session from the video HERE

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    this is a constant issue in a small bunsseis, the balance between payola and atta boys I have had employees say I want to know I am appreciated, and doing a good job, a simple thank you, followed by a nice accolade works some form of recognition is required deciding how to and what to do becomes the task. look forward to seeing some additional comments

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